Family and home life are important to me. In raising our eight children my wife Merri and I have recognized our home as more than an important investment, it holds and nurtures us, expresses our personality and sets us among neighbors and friends in the community. I understand that how a house "feels" to my client can be as important as it's practical and structural advantages. I see my job as your agent as one of understanding who you are and what type of housing will both serve your long-term physical and financial goals and nurture your heart and soul. My wealth of experience and education in so many facets of the housing industry translates into practical problem solving and educated counseling that understands your unique needs for a home.

          My varied career experiences in the housing industry began around 1968 while I was a teenager working for two established real estate brokerages. Initially I was assisting an appraiser and preparing houses for listing. At the same time a friend and I started a light contracting business fixing up and painting rentals and owner occupied houses. Desiring to attend college my ambitions and productivity financed my 4 years of college at the University of Wisconsin, I graduated with a B.A. in Social Work.


          In 1982, I moved to Michigan and started up the house coloring and home repair business. Having now worked on well over 1,500 houses in over 30 years, I often tour a house and neighborhood with and have intimate knowledge and experience relevant to my real estate clients.


          Because of my in depth understanding of the housing market I decided to make this unique knowledge base work for others in significant way. When a friend was seeking help for his real estate clients, I accepted the offer and joined the Buyers Agent of Ann Arbor. Licensed in 1994, I quickly became the top agent in the firm and eventually earned national awards for documented savings of over 2 million dollars in the ten years with the firm. As an exclusive Buyers Agent, there was no conflict of interest with agency disclosure.


          In 2004, I joined the Re Max Realtors of top sellers. Which was later bought out by Real Estate One, my time with both firms enhanced both my skills and real estate knowledge opening my eyes to large company protocols, advantages and disadvantages.


          Natural Home Realty was born in 2008 from my impulse to create my own entity in the real estate market. With my intimate knowledge of houses, the market and the system from so many accomplished angles, I believe that I am able to counsel my clients with more than "ideas" or "formulas" but to go to the heart of each unique situation with as much integrity and insight as is possible. Always negotiating for you and your best interest with clarity and care.


          I understand how important both financially and emotionally these transactions are and I am honored to be there for you through all of your questions and legal transactions to make sure that this life transition is as graceful and rewarding as possible.

My Story