Thank you so much for your assistance in buying our first home. We couldn't have done it without your help- thanks for showing us how! We will recommend both you and your agency to anyone seeking for a home. Thanks for all the help!


           Bryan & Deann Vansickle

           Ann Arbor MI

          When we began the task of purchasing our first home, we were certain the process would be stressful, complicated, and largely incomprehensible. Our agent Robin Grosshuesch conducted extensive research (certainly much more than we would have independently) to obtain the best terms on the loan. We saved almost $6,000 on our 106,000 home, 5.7% of the purchase price. 

          But Mr. Grosshuesch offered something more valuable than money. He provided and environment in which we felt comfortable asking questions, and had confidence in the answers. He walked us through every step of the process and was always readily available. He even caught a minor defect in the home that all involved had missed, and then advocated on our behalf for compensation. In short, Mr. Grosshuesch turned a potentially stressful and belittling experience into a milestone in our lives that we will look back upon with fondness and gratitude.
          Mr. Grosshuesch proved to be a knowledgeable and honest advocate--exactly what we feared would be impossible to find in the world of real estate. We wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Grosshuesch to anyone looking to purchase a home. The service was invaluable, especially for neophytes like us who are entering a world with language and culture all its own for the first time.


          Eric & Sally Paul

          Ann Arbor MI

          Thank you for all your help making our move so smooth. We have been very happy with our house- if only unpacking was as easy as moving the boxes in! Hope you and your family have a wonderful and safe trip.

Thanks again,

          Michael Yeh

          Ann Arbor

          We cannot express how much we appreciate everything you did to help us purchase our beautiful house!

          Please stop by + see us ( + the house!) anytime! We would love to see you!


           Ron & Rita

Robin Grosshuesch of Ann Arbor was extremly helpful in the home perchasing process. He provided information and knowledge that made the process much more comforterble for myself.

    - Robert Perl

Pinckney MI